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James and George Collie have over 30 years’ experience of assisting clients with overseas properties purchases and sales in countries such as Spain, the United States of America, France, Cyprus, Tenerife and the Balearic Islands. Tony Dawson, one of our partners, in particular has great expertise in assisting with property purchase of all sorts and prices in the south of Spain. Over the years, he has built up a large network of connections ranging from estate agents, lawyers, accountants and bankers through to various different trades, including builders, factoring companies and cleaners. He has been actively involved in the purchase of many properties in and around Andalucia and is often consulted to give advice on overseas purchase to members of the public and indeed, the legal profession in Scotland.

Although not qualified to practice in Spain, Tony is highly knowledgeable on the various aspects of property purchase in that country. He is able to provide prospective purchasers with hands on guidance to ensure the purchaser receives quality service through accredited agents and professionals recommended by him. In particular he has dealt with several estate agents and lawyers in the south of Spain for many years and can provide prospective purchasers with references on them. He pays particular attention to ensuring that the correct type of property is purchased by members of the public and that at the most advantageous price. You can contact Tony Dawson by telephone on 01224 581581 or by email on a.dawson@jgcollie.co.uk. He will then be able to run through the steps that are required to purchase property in Spain. When a purchaser choses a property, he will liaise with the Spanish lawyer acting in the purchase right through the transaction.

James & George Collie have recently appointed as a Consultant, Ignacio Chanza who is qualified to practice law in both Spain and the UK. He is the senior partner of his own legal firm in Valencia as well as being the Honourable Spanish Consul for the North of Scotland. He provides a lifetime of experience in the sale and purchase of Spanish property and can assist with the whole legal process. Obviously, he can prepare and translate all legal documentation and deal with the whole legal process himself. He can be contacted at James & George Collie by telephone 01224 581581 and also by email at consul@jgcollie.co.uk.




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Over 20 years experience of assisting clients with overseas property purchases and sales

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