If you die without leaving a Will then the assets that you leave may be shared with relatives you may never have intended to benefit. It is often thought that everything will pass to your spouse but this is not always the case. Homemade Wills can also prove disastrous in a number of areas, particularly if there are substantial assets involved or indeed, if the Will refers to assets which are no longer in the estate on death.

By making a Will, and keeping it up to date, you know that you have made steps to ensure that the administration of your estate after your death will be in accordance with your wishes, and that you have taken steps to make the whole process less complex. We can provide guidance in making Wills of all types, whether they be simple ones between husbands and wives, or more complex ones, either as a result of different family circumstances, or tax matters. We can also provide advice about Inheritance Tax Planning either in the Will, or by the arrangement of matters during your lifetime. We can also assume the role of Executors under the Will.

For information and advice please contact Philip G Dawson by email or by telephone 01224 581581, alternatively contact Vivienne Bruce by email or by telephone 01224 581581.



Last Will and Testament

More than 60% of people die without leaving a will.

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